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Discworld Halloween 2015 – Bad Pictures of a Good Night

All right, yes. Fine. Look. It was 2015. I had a cheap phone. We were both drunk. Half of these were dug out of a WhatsApp backup folder. It’s the best I can do.

34: Moving Pictures Pt.3 (Classic Cinematic Climax)


This week, Part 3 of our recap of “Moving Pictures”. 

Apocryphal Anecdotes! Spongy Death! Snacks! 

Things we blathered on about:

Avatar: The Last Airbender (TV Series 2005–2008) – IMDb

The Birth of a Nation – Wikipedia

How ‘The Birth of a Nation’ Revived the Ku Klux Klan – History.com

Bonus: Reaction to NYCC 2020 The Watch (Discworld ‘Inspired’ TV Show) Panel – YouTube

Cinema fans say it again, Sam – The Independent

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers: Let’s Face the Music and Dance – YouTube

Claire Rayner – Wikipedia

Polynesian Stick Charts – The Nonist

A Serial Killer’s Guide to Life (2019) – IMDb

King Kong (1933)- Climbing the Empire State Building Scene – YouTube

Music: Chris Collins, indiemusicbox.com

33: Moving Pictures Pt.2 (A Well Hatted Man)


This week, Part 2 of our recap of “Moving Pictures”. 

Recommendations Galore! Elephants! Plib! 

Things we blathered on about:

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – Goodreads

Disc-Tober 2020 Art Challenge

The Watch – A First Look At BBC America’s Newest Series

A Statement About Inktober — Mr Jake Parker

Terry Pratchett Facebook Group

Meet the Team at Discworld Monthly

Desert Island Discworld


Radio Morpork | A Podcast About Terry Pratchett’s Discworld

The Discworld Portal – Podbean

Who Watches the Watch: A Discworld Podcast

The Best of Hyacinth and Her Sisters | Keeping Up Appearances

Thomas Edison Drove the Film Industry to California | Mental Floss

Gone with the Wind (1939) – IMDb

The Thief of Bagdad (1940) – IMDb

The Duchess (TV Series 2020– ) – IMDb

Lassie – Wikipedia


The Annotated Pratchett File – Moving Pictures

The Blues Brothers 106 miles to Chicago 

Lovecraft Country (TV Series 2020– ) – IMDb

The Unadulterated Cat by Terry Pratchett – Goodreads

Spectacular Special Effects (Knowledge) by Diana Kimpton

Metropolis (1927) – IMDb

Blazing Saddles (1974) – IMDb

The First Seismograph | The World of Chinese

Music: Chris Collins, indiemusicbox.com

Bonus – NYCC The Watch Panel Reaction – Arbitrary But Strongly Held

Bonus – “The Watch” Comic Con Panel


This week, a quick bonus episode in which we share our thoughts, feelings and exasperation, after watching the New York Comic Con panel on “The Watch” – a new series from BBC America “inspired by” the Discworld books. 

Watch the panel here.

Follow the Radio Morpork World Cup of Pratchett Characters here.

Music: Chris Collins, indiemusicbox.com

32: Moving Pictures Pt.1 (Waning Lyrical)


This week, Part 1 of our recap of “Moving Pictures”. 

Despair! Serial Killers! Stars of Stage and Screen! BURSAARRR! A Small Village in Poland! 

Send us queries for the agony aunts! 

Things we blathered on about:

Hardline BBC critics reportedly offered top media roles [Note – any ‘offer’ has since been denied by govt, but it seems likely that serious talks/’wooing’ have happened]

All Killa No Filla

Discworld Timeline (L-Space)

What is the laziest thing you’ve ever done? – /r/askreddit 

Radagast | The One Wiki to Rule Them All

The Magic of Terry Pratchett by Marc Burrows – Goodreads

Samuel Goldwyn

Silverfish (p34) – The Annotated Pratchett Files

Rock Hudson (1990) – IMDb

The AMPire Diaries

Enola Holmes (2020) – IMDb

The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson – Goodreads

Debrett’s: Etiquette Training from the 250-Year-Old Authority

Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour – Goodreads

Alchemy – Wikipedia

List of cryptids – Wikipedia

Poster – Hearts and Planets – 1915

Poster – Man Hunters of the Caribbean – 1936

Poster – When the Earth Cracked Open (never made – NSFW)

Music: Chris Collins, indiemusicbox.com

Bonus – The Accidental Satanist


This week, a very special bonus episode!

“The Accidental Satanist” is a monologue by Joanna, now newly recorded as a radio play in conjunction with QuirkHouse Theatre Company. 

Paul was played by the very talented AJ Deane.

Follow QuirkHouse here: 

Twitter: @QuirkhouseTheat

Facebook: @QuirkHouse

New radio plays coming soon on the Quirkhouse Theatre Company website.

Follow AJ Deane:

Twitter: @aj_deane 

Follow Joanna’s inktober poetry project here – new poems daily throughout October!

Music: Chris Collins, indiemusicbox.com

31: Eric Pt.3 (Not a Sandwich, But)


This week, Part 3 of our recap of “Eric”. 

Junk bowls! Twiglets and Boursin! Douglas Adams! Formulate! (The very thing!)

Things we blathered on about:

JK Rowling’s new book sparks fresh transgender rights row – CNN 

Rhianna Pratchett’s tweet about The Watch showrunner’s post 

Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate sues Netflix for giving Sherlock Holmes too many feelings – The Verge

The Etymologicon: A Circular Stroll through the Hidden Connections of the English Language

Persephone :: Queen of the Underworld – Greek Mythology

Orpheus – Greek Mythology

Quote by Douglas Adams: “Another thing that got forgotten …” – Goodreads

Joanna’s necklace – Instagram

Black Books – Franʼs New Work – YouTube

Cosmogonist – definition of cosmogonist by The Free Dictionary

Joanna’s social media (for Inktober poetry reasons): 

Instagram (@joannamercutio)

Twitter (@joannahagan)

30: Eric Pt.2 (The Moustaches We Made Along The Way)


This week, Part 2 of our recap of “Eric”. 

Bees! Fits! Narrative Causality! 

Things we blathered on about:

Troy by Adèle Geras – Goodreads

RL Stine on Fear Street, Young Adult fiction, and why he doesn’t like writing about zombies

Quetzalcoatl – Wikipedia

ponce (n.)

Juan Ponce de León – Wikipedia

Sexy French Depression (feat. Rachel Bloom) – “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

Odysseus – Greek Mythology

Siren | Definition, Legend, & History | Britannica

Ancient Troy: The City & the Legend | Live Science

You’re Dead To Me, The Aztecs – BBC Radio 4

Angry Aztecs by Terry Deary – Goodreads

Aztec Depictions in Pop Culture: 500 Years After the Fall | Comic-Con@Home 2020

Aztec mythology in popular culture – Wikipedia

Macrobians – Wikipedia


Music: Chris Collins, indiemusicbox.com

29: Eric Pt.1 (Corporate Nonsense Demon)


This week, Part 1 of our recap of “Eric”. 

We’re back! Loins! Jungle! There are bees here, leave immediately! Aubergines! 

Things we blathered on about:

Robert Pattinson: A Dispatch From Isolation – GQ

Watching Twilight on a poorly hung projector screen – Reddit

BBC America Reveals A New Cast Photo From ‘The Watch’ And Fans Of Terry Pratchett’s ‘Discworld’ Are Not Pleased – ScienceFiction.com

Dracula (TV Mini-Series 2020– ) – IMDb

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Lame Claim to Fame – YouTube

Fictional Aisle by Tall Boy Special – YouTube

Doctor Faustus (play) – Wikipedia

Goethe’s Faust – Wikipedia

I’m R.L. Stine and it’s my job to terrify kids. Ask me anything! – Reddit

The Magic of Terry Pratchett (an interview with Marc Burrows) – TTSMYF

Elephant tumblr screenshot – imgur

Short Story:The Hades Business – Lspace wiki

Passive-aggressive Google Doc chat – imgur

Newton’s Cradle (Entry 835.1C1311) – Omnibus

Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide – Become a Living God

Ipos  – Wikipedia

A Salute to the Wheel – Smithsonian Magazine

Rai Stones – Wikipedia

MS-DOS – Microsoft Wiki

The Annotated Pratchett Files – Eric – p21

Music: Chris Collins, indiemusicbox.com

The Magic of Terry Pratchett (an interview with Marc Burrows)


This week, a glorious bonus episode! We talk to Marc Burrows about his new Pratchett biography – The Magic of Terry Pratchett. 

Buy The Magic of Terry Pratchett here:

Hard copy from the publisher


Apple Books

Marc’s online stuff:


@20thcenturymarc (Marc Burrows’ Twitter)

Other things we blathered on about: 

Thy Last Drop

The Museum of Curiosity

No Such Thing As A Fish

Nigel Planer – IMDb 

Colin Smythe’s extensive Pratchett-related materials archive

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