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Episode guide

Start/finish page and link for each released episode

Note: Most of the page numbers refer to the UK Corgi paperback editions. I’ll try and specify when that’s not the case. If you want, drop me a line with the page numbers for other editions and I’ll add them in.

release date#book titleepisode titlepage numbers
20 Jun 202287The Fifth ElephantOh No! Consequences!161-303
13 Jun 202286The Fifth ElephantOrange You Glad I’m Not an Assassin1-161
25 May 2022BonusVideo game discussionGlorious 25th: Video Game ChatN/A
16 May 202285Johnny and the Bomb (Johnny Maxwell)Escher SpaghettiEntire book
9 May 202284Johnny and the Dead (Johnny Maxwell)This Gap of NostalgiaEntire book
2 May 202283Only You Can Save Mankind (Johnny Maxwell)It’s A Bit Early To Radicalise YouEntire book
18 Apr 202282Carpe JugulumThe Abyss Is Tapping Its Watch254-end
11 Apr 202281Carpe JugulumThe Gothic Literature Position130-254
4 Apr 202280Carpe JugulumLet’s Get Liminal1-129
21 Mar 202279The Last ContinentWhat’s Syllabub With You?256-end
14 Mar 202278The Last ContinentElephants Are Pollinated by Bees, Right?140-256
8 Mar 202277The Last ContinentA Ridcully Stan Podcast1-139
21 Feb 202276Wingse.g. Burning Down An OrphanageEntire book
14 Feb 202275DiggersI Need My Therapy CubeEntire book
7 Feb 202274TruckersA Whoomph and a WhiffEntire book
31 Jan 2022BonusN/AThe Vimes Boots IndexN/A
24 Jan 202273JingoNight-Time in the Dessert285-end
17 Jan 202272JingoDoes Neptune Need a Pedicure?132-285
10 Jan 202271JingoSquid Skedaddle1-132
24 Dec 2021BonusHogfather (TV)Hogfather, Your Cleavage!N/A
20 Dec 202170HogfatherI’m Glad We Got There313-end
13 Dec 202169HogfatherWassailutions154-313
6 Dec 202168HogfatherEntrailing Off1-153
15 Nov 202167The Carpet PeopleApocalypse Brackets RoundworldChapter 12 – End
8 Nov 202166The Carpet PeopleF5 to Pay RespectsChapter 1 – End of Chapter 11
18 Oct 202165Feet of ClayThe Inherent Comedy of Towels256-end
11 Oct 202164Feet of ClayAffable Tyrant132-256
4 Oct 202163Feet of ClayI Think It’s The Bones1-132
20 Sep 202162MaskeradeClimbing Into Box 8254-end
13 Sep 202161MaskeradeAs the Actress Said to the Bishop125-254
6 Sep 202160MaskeradeChekhov’s Chandelier1-125
24 Aug 2021BonusBonus: Down The Rabbit Hole (Compilation)N/A
19 Jul 202159Interesting TimesThe Ennui of the Barbarian Heroes224-end
12 Jul 202158Interesting TimesI Was Going To But Then I Didn’t113-224
5 Jul 202157Interesting TimesBlanket Problematic Sticker1-113
28 Jun 2021BonusSoul Music(Anim.)FAAATTTHHHAAA!N/A
21 Jun 202156Soul MusicGyrate As You Wish263-end
14 Jun 202155Soul MusicJail For The Co-Host125-263
7 Jun 202154Soul MusicRockstars or Druids1-125
25 May 2021BonusBonus Glorious 25th Special – A Wild Tangent AppearedN/A
17 May 202153StrataEternal FOMO139-end
10 May 202152StrataMeta Metaphorical Metaphor Muscles1-139
26 Apr 202151Men at ArmsClown Eggs249-381
19 Apr 202150Men at ArmsWhat Happens When Thing Happens?130-249
12 Apr 202149Men at ArmsHyperbolic Until Proven Otherwise1-130
23 Mar 2021BonusThe CroneBonus – The CroneN/A
15 Mar 202148Lords and LadiesAbstract Concept, Spiky Chariot254-382
8 Mar 202147Lords and LadiesJodphurs and Hagstones129-254
1 Mar 202146Lords and LadiesOr Not to Bee1-129
15 Feb 202145Small GodsWake Up, Geeple243-381
8 Feb 202144Small GodsThematic Themes119-243
1 Feb 202143Small GodsExtra Melons1-119
18 Jan 2021BonusBonus Pandemic SpecialBonus Pandemic Special – Hype And DreadN/A
11 Jan 202142The Dark Side of The SunToo Much Time Together132-235(Ch7-11)
4 Jan 202141The Dark Side of The SunA Sudden Chaos1-131(Ch1-6)
24 Dec 2020XmasCrystal of StormsHogswatch 2020: A Hint of ExtravaganzaAll
21 Dec 202040Witches AbroadExistential Crisis Fridays195-286
14 Dec 202039Witches AbroadInverted Zombie87-195
7 Dec 202038Witches AbroadWith Your Boots On1-87
16 Nov 202037Reaper ManYES187-287
9 Nov 202036Reaper ManSemi-Detached Wolf89-187
2 Nov 202035Reaper ManCome Into a Bit of Snowglobe1-89
19 Oct 202034Moving PicturesClassic Cinematic Climax220-333
12 Oct 202033Moving PicturesA Well Hatted Man112-220
11 Oct 2020BonusNYCC Watch PanelBonus – NYCC The Watch Panel Reaction – Arbitrary But Strongly HeldN/A
5 Oct 202032Moving PicturesWaning Lyrical1-112
4 Oct 2020Radio PlayAccidental SatanistBonus – The Accidental SatanistN/A
21 Sep 202031(Faust) EricNot a Sandwich, But105-163
14 Sep 202030(Faust) EricThe Moustaches We Made Along The Way51-105
7 Sep 202029(Faust) EricCorporate Nonsense Demon1-50
30 Jul 2020InterviewThe Magic Of Terry PratchettAn Interview With Marc BurrowsN/A
20 Jul 202028Guards! Guards!Low Expectangents207-317
13 Jul 202027Guards! Guards!Coming Out With A Dragon Under His Arm107-207
6 Jul 202026Guards! Guards!The Flamey Flame1-107
22 Jun 202025PyramidsAllegory, and This Time I Mean It238-379
15 Jun 202024PyramidsThat Won’t Keep My Pyramids Flaring93-237
8 Jun 202023PyramidsNot For Internal Use1-93
25 May 2020BonusWyrd Sisters(Anim.)Definitely Not A CultN/A
18 May 202023Wyrd SistersI Am The Very Model Of A Metaphor From Thespia157-252
11 May 202022Wyrd SistersThere Must Be Bees87-157
4 May 202021Wyrd SistersBloody Hands1-87
20 Apr 202020SourceryI Don’t Want To Eat A Human Person180-270
13 Apr 202018SourceryWhat The Hell Are Stiff Peaks Anyway?I95-180
6 Apr 202017SourceryMeg-A-Lo-Man-I-A-Cal1-95
2 Apr 2020BonusInterviewExtra By DefaultN/A
23 Mar 202016MortHorse In My Zen Garden179-271
16 Mar 202015MortState Of Mind: Eggs75-179
9 Mar 202014MortSchrodingers Canape1-75
24 Feb 202013Good OmensSnippet Of ConversationN/A
17 Feb 202012Good OmensBicycle ScreamingN/A
10 Feb 202011Good OmensThe Flaming Sword of it All195-401
3 Feb 202010Good OmensCastles and Snacks1-191
20 Jan 20209Equal RitesCrumbs All Up In There92-283
13 Jan 20208Equal RitesHaitches Hon Heverything92-196
6 Jan 20207Equal RitesMy Knee Doesn’t Have Lungs1-92
23 Dec 2019XmasThe Colour of MagicHogswatch Special 2019 – Xmas Egg DressN/A
16 Dec 20196The Light FantasticLet’s Discuss Some Sins!191- 285
9 Dec 20195The Light FantasticNo, The Oven Blew Up69- 191
1 Dec 20194The Light FantasticExposition and Pineapple1-69
18 Nov 20193The Colour of MagicPurring Jellyfish214-285
11 Nov 20192The Colour of MagicTentacles, Suddenly95-211
4 Nov 20191The Colour of MagicRed Lorry, Yellow Lorry, Zlorf Flannelfoot1-91
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