Episode guide & schedule

Which page each episode starts/finishes on – and what’s coming up

Note: Most of the page numbers refer to the UK Corgi paperback editions. I’ll try and specify when that’s not the case. If you want, drop me a line with the page numbers for other editions and I’ll add them in.

release date#book titleepisode titlepage numbers
17 Jan 202272JingoDoes Neptune Need a Pedicure?132-285
10 Jan 202271JingoSquid Skedaddle1-132
24 Dec 2021BonusHogfather (TV)Hogfather, Your Cleavage!N/A
20 Dec 202170HogfatherI’m Glad We Got There313-end
13 Dec 202169HogfatherWassailutions154-313
6 Dec 202168HogfatherEntrailing Off1-153
15 Nov 202167The Carpet PeopleApocalypse Brackets RoundworldChapter 12 – End
8 Nov 202166The Carpet PeopleF5 to Pay RespectsChapter 1 – End of Chapter 11
18 Oct 202165Feet of ClayThe Inherent Comedy of Towels256-end
11 Oct 202164Feet of ClayAffable Tyrant132-256
4 Oct 202163Feet of ClayI Think It’s The Bones1-132
20 Sep 202162MaskeradeClimbing Into Box 8254-end
13 Sep 202161MaskeradeAs the Actress Said to the Bishop125-254
6 Sep 202160MaskeradeChekhov’s Chandelier1-125
24 Aug 2021BonusBonus: Down The Rabbit Hole (Compilation)N/A
19 Jul 202159Interesting TimesThe Ennui of the Barbarian Heroes224-end
12 Jul 202158Interesting TimesI Was Going To But Then I Didn’t113-224
5 Jul 202157Interesting TimesBlanket Problematic Sticker1-113
28 Jun 2021BonusSoul Music(Anim.)FAAATTTHHHAAA!N/A
21 Jun 202156Soul MusicGyrate As You Wish263-end
14 Jun 202155Soul MusicJail For The Co-Host125-263
7 Jun 202154Soul MusicRockstars or Druids1-125
25 May 2021BonusBonus Glorious 25th Special – A Wild Tangent AppearedN/A
17 May 202153StrataEternal FOMO139-end
10 May 202152StrataMeta Metaphorical Metaphor Muscles1-139
26 Apr 202151Men at ArmsClown Eggs249-381
19 Apr 202150Men at ArmsWhat Happens When Thing Happens?130-249
12 Apr 202149Men at ArmsHyperbolic Until Proven Otherwise1-130
23 Mar 2021BonusThe CroneBonus – The CroneN/A
15 Mar 202148Lords and LadiesAbstract Concept, Spiky Chariot254-382
8 Mar 202147Lords and LadiesJodphurs and Hagstones129-254
1 Mar 202146Lords and LadiesOr Not to Bee1-129
15 Feb 202145Small GodsWake Up, Geeple243-381
8 Feb 202144Small GodsThematic Themes119-243
1 Feb 202143Small GodsExtra Melons1-119
18 Jan 2021BonusBonus Pandemic SpecialBonus Pandemic Special – Hype And DreadN/A
11 Jan 202142The Dark Side of The SunToo Much Time Together132-235(Ch7-11)
4 Jan 202141The Dark Side of The SunA Sudden Chaos1-131(Ch1-6)
24 Dec 2020XmasCrystal of StormsHogswatch 2020: A Hint of ExtravaganzaAll
21 Dec 202040Witches AbroadExistential Crisis Fridays195-286
14 Dec 202039Witches AbroadInverted Zombie87-195
7 Dec 202038Witches AbroadWith Your Boots On1-87
16 Nov 202037Reaper ManYES187-287
9 Nov 202036Reaper ManSemi-Detached Wolf89-187
2 Nov 202035Reaper ManCome Into a Bit of Snowglobe1-89
19 Oct 202034Moving PicturesClassic Cinematic Climax220-333
12 Oct 202033Moving PicturesA Well Hatted Man112-220
11 Oct 2020BonusNYCC Watch PanelBonus – NYCC The Watch Panel Reaction – Arbitrary But Strongly HeldN/A
5 Oct 202032Moving PicturesWaning Lyrical1-112
4 Oct 2020Radio PlayAccidental SatanistBonus – The Accidental SatanistN/A
21 Sep 202031(Faust) EricNot a Sandwich, But105-163
14 Sep 202030(Faust) EricThe Moustaches We Made Along The Way51-105
7 Sep 202029(Faust) EricCorporate Nonsense Demon1-50
30 Jul 2020InterviewThe Magic Of Terry PratchettAn Interview With Marc BurrowsN/A
20 Jul 202028Guards! Guards!Low Expectangents207-317
13 Jul 202027Guards! Guards!Coming Out With A Dragon Under His Arm107-207
6 Jul 202026Guards! Guards!The Flamey Flame1-107
22 Jun 202025PyramidsAllegory, and This Time I Mean It238-379
15 Jun 202024PyramidsThat Won’t Keep My Pyramids Flaring93-237
8 Jun 202023PyramidsNot For Internal Use1-93
25 May 2020BonusWyrd Sisters(Anim.)Definitely Not A CultN/A
18 May 202023Wyrd SistersI Am The Very Model Of A Metaphor From Thespia157-252
11 May 202022Wyrd SistersThere Must Be Bees87-157
4 May 202021Wyrd SistersBloody Hands1-87
20 Apr 202020SourceryI Don’t Want To Eat A Human Person180-270
13 Apr 202018SourceryWhat The Hell Are Stiff Peaks Anyway?I95-180
6 Apr 202017SourceryMeg-A-Lo-Man-I-A-Cal1-95
2 Apr 2020BonusInterviewExtra By DefaultN/A
23 Mar 202016MortHorse In My Zen Garden179-271
16 Mar 202015MortState Of Mind: Eggs75-179
9 Mar 202014MortSchrodingers Canape1-75
24 Feb 202013Good OmensSnippet Of ConversationN/A
17 Feb 202012Good OmensBicycle ScreamingN/A
10 Feb 202011Good OmensThe Flaming Sword of it All195-401
3 Feb 202010Good OmensCastles and Snacks1-191
20 Jan 20209Equal RitesCrumbs All Up In There92-283
13 Jan 20208Equal RitesHaitches Hon Heverything92-196
6 Jan 20207Equal RitesMy Knee Doesn’t Have Lungs1-92
23 Dec 2019XmasThe Colour of MagicHogswatch Special 2019 – Xmas Egg DressN/A
16 Dec 20196The Light FantasticLet’s Discuss Some Sins!191- 285
9 Dec 20195The Light FantasticNo, The Oven Blew Up69- 191
1 Dec 20194The Light FantasticExposition and Pineapple1-69
18 Nov 20193The Colour of MagicPurring Jellyfish214-285
11 Nov 20192The Colour of MagicTentacles, Suddenly95-211
4 Nov 20191The Colour of MagicRed Lorry, Yellow Lorry, Zlorf Flannelfoot1-91

release date#book titlePage numbers
24 Jan 202273Jingo286-end
7 Feb 202274BromeliadTruckers
14 Feb 202275BromeliadDiggers
21 Feb 202276BromeliadWings
7 Mar 202277The Last Continent
14 Mar 202278The Last Continent
21 Mar 202279The Last Continent
4 Apr 202280Carpe Jugulum
11 Apr 202281Carpe Jugulum
18 Apr 202282Carpe Jugulum
2 May 202283Johnny Maxwell
9 May 202284Johnny Maxwell
16 May 202285Johnny Maxwell
25 May 2022Bonus?Johnny Maxwell(TV)
6 Jun 202286The Fifth Elephant
13 Jun 202287The Fifth Elephant
20 Jun 202288The Fifth Elephant
4 Jul 202289The Truth
11 Jul 202290The Truth
18 Jul 202291The Truth
August 2022BonusSummer holiday/month off
5 Sep 202292Thief of Time
12 Sep 202293Thief of Time
19 Sep 202294Thief of Time
10 Oct 202295The Last Hero
17 Oct 202296The Last Hero
24 Oct 2022Bonus?
7 Nov 202297Science of Discworld?
14 Nov 202298Science of Discworld?
21 Nov 202299Science of Discworld?
5 Dec 2022100!The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents
12 Dec 2022101The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents
19 Dec 2022102The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents
24 Dec 2022BonusThe Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents – Movie
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