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Terry Pratchett on Video Games

The various sources (articles, interviews, forum posts) I’ve found relating to Terry Pratchett’s views on video games.

Terry Pratchett – Going by the Book – PC Gamer 1993 interview – PDF

The E-Mail Interview – Terry Pratchett – PC Zone (January 1995) – PDF

‘Help! I’ve been spotted!’ Terry Pratchett on Thief, his favourite video game – The Guardian 

Thief newsgroup (Pratchett’s contributions) – alt.games.thief-dark-project

Terry Pratchett – Online Radio Interview with the Author – The Author Hour

The story behind the Oblivion mod Terry Pratchett worked on | Eurogamer.net 

A tribute to Terry Pratchett | PC Gamer 

Turning Terry Pratchett’s Discworld into Audiobooks [bit about theme music being inspired by Oblivion] – YouTube

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