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Hello and welcome to the Truth Shall Make Ye Fret, a podcast in which we read and discuss every book from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series (and a few more besides) in chronological order.

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39: Witches Abroad Pt.2 (Inverted Zombie)

This week, Part 2 of our recap of “Witches Abroad”.

Stories! Myths! Hats!

Get in touch in time for Hogswatch!

Things we blathered on about:

[Video Games] That time a Dragon Age voice actor illegally role-played his character to justify being a bigot – /r/HobbyDrama thread

Oldest albatross – Facebook



From Haitian Slavery to “The Walking Dead” – The Atlantic

LEGBA – Guardian of the Crossroads – NPS

Baron Samedi – Wikipedia

Into the Woods – Hello, Little Girl – YouTube

Meryl Streep – Last Midnight – YouTube

Crystal of Storms by Rhianna Pratchett – Goodreads

Turnspit dog – Wikipedia

Music: Chris Collins, indiemusicbox.com

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