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E08 – Haitches Hon Heverything


This week, Part 2 of our recap of “Equal Rites”.

Moral Relativism! Nostalgia! Singing! Exposition! Euphamisism! Kitchens! Abolishing Gender! 

Things we blathered on about:

The World of the Dark Crystal 

Her Dark Materials

Morris Minor

The Winkers Song (Misprint), Ivor Biggun

The Worst Witch (IMDB)

The King of Elfland’s Daughter (Wiki)

Hyacinth Bucket’s Top 5 Putdowns | Keeping Up Appearances

Romani (TV Tropes)

History of the Romani People; Origin (Wiki)

UK Roma/Traveller Communities (Twitter)

Racism against Gypsies (Huck) 

‘Rambling dinosaur’ Marco Pierre White says women are too emotional to be chefs (Guardian)

Education and Sex: The Medical Case against Higher Education for Women in England, 1870-1900, Joan N. Burstyn (JSTOR)

The gender riots that rocked Cambridge University in the 1920s (Oxford University Press Blog)

The Rising Tide: Women in Cambridge

Breast-shaped hills 

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