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E06 – Let’s Discuss Some Sins!

This week, Part 3 of our recap of “The Light Fantastic”. 

Smells! Neopaganism! Loincloths! Apes! Cults! Gherkins! Plural Apocalypse!

Heads up – we spoil some of the “magic” of seances in this episode. If you’d like to avoid that, skip 23:40 – 24:35. 

Things we blathered on about:

The Galaxy Song (YouTube)

You’re Dead to Me – Stonehenge


Nice Try! podcast – (season one about failed utopias)

Nazi Book Burnings (Wikipedia)

The Order of the Solar Temple (Wikipedia)

Do wind vent holes in banners make a difference? 

Music: Chris Collins, indiemusicbox.com

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